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Student Loan Forgiveness Initiative

There has been a lot of hype surrounding President Biden’s recent student loan forgiveness initiative, but what exactly does his plan include? As the pandemic-era payment pause is set to expire, this initiative consists of a three-step plan to help transition federal student loan borrowers back to their regular payment schedules. The three-step plan includes: Step 1: Extension of the pause on federal student loan repayments For federal student loan… Read More »Student Loan Forgiveness Initiative

Latest Information on NJ ANCHOR Program

Earlier this month the state of New Jersey announced an important update to the new ANCHOR property tax relief program, and recently, the Department of the Treasury began mailing application instructions to eligible homeowners and residents. If you’re wondering what  you need to do next, we are here to guide you. First, just a quick recap for those who are unfamiliar with the ANCHOR property tax relief program: The new… Read More »Latest Information on NJ ANCHOR Program

New NJ Sales Tax Exemption Provides Savings on School Supplies

Good News – The State of New Jersey has announced a “Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday”! From August 27 until September 5, 2022, certain back-to-school supplies and equipment will be exempt from the 6.625% New Jersey sales tax. Back-to-school time can be very stressful for some families – physically, mentally, and financially. However, to help alleviate some of the financial burden, and for a limited time, school supplies (including but not… Read More »New NJ Sales Tax Exemption Provides Savings on School Supplies

Taxes for Working Teenagers

Parents of high school students looking for employment while summer is approaching should know some tips to maximize their paychecks.  Typical summer jobs are found at restaurants, local stores, theme parks, hotels and summer camps.  Along with the responsibilities that come with the job is another one: Paying taxes. Understanding what comes of your paycheck is as important as gathering tax documents when tax season comes along. Not all teens… Read More »Taxes for Working Teenagers

You Applied for an Extension of Time to File – Now What?

You submitted an Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File your U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. What exactly does this mean? Well, it means exactly what it says. It is an extension of time to file your annual tax return. However, it is NOT an extension of time to pay your taxes. If you expect to owe money with your annual tax return, the balance must be paid with… Read More »You Applied for an Extension of Time to File – Now What?

When one door closes, another one opens
… in Eatontown

Eiger, Lang & Company, CPA LLC is merging our Lakewood office into our Eatontown office. While we are changing our physical location, we will continue to provide you with: Personal attention Top-notch accounting services Business resources at the ready What does it mean for you? Simply more capabilities in one location. Plus, we are keeping our same phone number (732) 370-4800.

2021/2022 Tax Season
at Eiger, Lang & Company, CPA LLC

Yes, can you believe it’s that time again!  Please see below for this year’s procedures to ensure a smooth tax season. How to Get Us Your 2021 Tax Documents: Upload your tax documents to our secure client portal, Intuit Link. If you haven’t received an invitation from Intuit Link, please call our office and we will send you a link to set up your account. If you submit tax documents… Read More »2021/2022 Tax Season
at Eiger, Lang & Company, CPA LLC

Thinking About Starting a Business?

So, you want to start a business but there are all these different terms being thrown around about how you should structure it.


Cryptocurrency has been dubbed the future of money. But what is it and how big a wallet do you need for it?